Downton Abbey Tours from London

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Downton Abbey tours I Visit the iconic filming location

Downton Abbey tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the exquisite beauty of the English countryside. The tour takes you on a journey through the picturesque landscapes that served as the backdrop for the hit TV series. From the stunning Highclere Castle, which served as the iconic Downton Abbey, to the quaint villages and historic buildings, you can immerse yourself in the elegance and charm of the Downton Abbey era. With experienced guides, Downton Abbey tours promise an unforgettable experience that will leave you enchanted with the timeless elegance of the English countryside.

Why go on a Downton Abbey tour?

  • Enjoy Downton Abbey's splendor: Discover the luxury of Highclere Castle and the enchanting English countryside where the beloved series was filmed.
  • Master tea etiquette: Uncover Mrs. Patmore's recipe secrets in a private cooking class and try skeet shooting lessons.
  • Explore iconic locations: Visit filming sites like Oxfordshire, Bampton's lanes, Downtown Cottage hospital, Bourton-on-the-Water, River Windrush, Blenheim Palace,
  • Live the Crawley lifestyle: Experience aristocratic life with private guides and curated experiences, bringing Downton Abbey's world to life. Take away souvenirs like one of the Lady Carnarvon's books!

Downton Abbey tour highlights

Downton Abbey

Historic estate

Downton Abbey is a grand estate located in Yorkshire, England, that dates back to the early 19th century. The mansion and grounds are known for their stunning beauty and historical significance. The estate has served as a filming location for the hit television series "Downton Abbey," which chronicles the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the early 20th century.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle, located in Highclere Park, Newbury, is the central filming location for Downton Abbey. This Victorian-era mansion, home to the Earl of Carnarvon since 1679, boasts Gothic and Italianate architecture. The Downton Abbey tour offers exclusive access to private areas like the Monk's Garden and unique experiences, including cooking classes and skeet shooting lessons.

Bampton Village

Just 20 miles west of Oxford, the historic Bampton village dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. Bampton's charming streets and iconic buildings, like the village church and Crawley House, were extensively used for filming the series. You can explore the Downton Abbey Mile, enjoy Morris Dancing traditions, and visit attractions like the West Ox Arts Gallery and Wood Brothers Distillery.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds, a region in south-central England, is renowned for its picturesque villages, rolling hills, and historic sites. Spanning parts of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire, it boasts a rich history from the Iron Age to the medieval wool industry. Known for its charming stone-built houses, the area was a primary filming location for Downton Abbey. You can explore villages like Bampton and Chipping Campden, and scenic trails like Cotswold Way.

Downton Abbey

Period costumes and decor

One of the hallmarks of "Downton Abbey" is its attention to detail in recreating the period setting. The show's costumes and sets are meticulously crafted to transport viewers back in time to the Edwardian era and the Roaring Twenties. When visiting the estate, you can admire the beautiful period decor, including antique furniture, paintings, and tapestries. You can also view some of the costumes worn by the actors in the series.

Downton Abbey

Garden and Grounds

Downton Abbey's gardens and grounds are a beautiful sight to behold. The estate's extensive gardens feature manicured lawns, flower beds, and fountains. You can stroll through the gardens and enjoy the views of the surrounding countryside. The estate also has a working farm, where visitors can see farm animals and learn about traditional farming methods.

Downton Abbey

Interactive Exhibits

When you go on a Downton Abbey tour, you can explore interactive exhibits that bring the history of the estate to life. One exhibit focuses on the life and work of the servants who kept the estate running, while another highlights the changing social and political landscape of the early 20th century. You can also see a replica of the dining room where the Crawley family enjoyed their meals and learn about the etiquette and customs of the time.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Downton Abbey hosts special events that allow you to experience the estate in a unique way. These include garden parties, concerts, and vintage car rallies. Visitors can also take part in guided tours of the estate and hear firsthand accounts of the history and stories of the people who lived and worked there.

Plan your Downton Abbey tour

Getting there
Facilities and accessibility
  • When does Downton Abbey tour start?
    Downton Abbey tours operate from 8:15am or 9am, depending on your tour ticket.
  • What is the best time to go on a Downton Abbey tour?
    To avoid large crowds and have a more personalized experience, visiting Downton Abbey during weekdays is recommended. Visiting in the morning is also a great way to beat the crowds and enjoy the attractions at your own pace.
  • How long is a Downton Abbey tour?
    A typical tour of Downton Abbey usually takes up a full day, so it can last 10-11 hours.
  • Where is Downton Abbey located?
    Downton Abbey is located at Highclere Castle, Newbury, West Berkshire, RG20 9RN, United Kingdom.
  • Can I take public transportation to Downton Abbey?
    The nearest train station to Downton Abbey is Newbury Station, and from there, it's a 20-minute taxi ride to the castle. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Newbury and then catch a taxi from there.
  • The coach in which you will travel for the Downton Abbey tour is Wi-Fi enabled and USB equipped.
  • Round-trip transfers are available, depending on the ticket you choose.
  • Personal audio headset is offered so you can listen to the audioguides carefully.
  • There is an expert English speaking guide to fill you in on all the details about the places you would visit on the tour.
  • A copy of Lady Carnarvon's book is included in one of the tickets.
  • Downton Abbey is partially accessible for wheelchair users, with ramps and lifts available in certain areas of the castle. However, due to the historic nature of the building, some areas may not be accessible.
  • Expect plenty of walking. Choose shoes that can handle varied terrain to enjoy the expansive grounds fully.
  • Large bags and rucksacks are not allowed inside the Highclere castle. Traveling light will make your visit more convenient.
  • Photography and filming are prohibited inside the castle and exhibition. Respect the rules and savor the experience.
  • Take time to appreciate the stunning Cotswolds views surrounding the castle and grounds.
  • Adhere to guidelines the castle staff and tour guides provide, including restrictions on large bags and photography, and maintain a respectful atmosphere for all.

Here are some of the top-notch restaurants near the Highclere Castle:

  • Dew Pond Restaurant (1.6 km): The Dew Pond Restaurant, located in Old Burghclere near Newbury, offers British classics and international dishes in a cozy, rustic setting. With its warm ambiance and highly praised service, it’s perfect for special occasions.
  • Carpenters Arms (2 km): The Carpenters Arms, located in Burghclere near Newbury, offers homecooked pub food, including British classics like burgers, pies, and Sunday roasts. Its cozy, characterful atmosphere, roaring log fire, and friendly staff also provide guest accommodations.
  • Two Watermills (7.2 km): The Two Watermills, located on Newtown Road in Newbury, serves various dishes from British classics to modern world food and vegetarian options. This family-friendly pub features contemporary décor, a cozy ambiance, and an elegant patio for al fresco dining.

Take a look at the list of some fantastic hotel options near the Highclere Castle:

  • National Trust - Sandham Memorial Chapel (2.2 km): This unique UK memorial, set in a picturesque village, honors the "forgotten dead" of World War I. The chapel features 19 Stanley Spencer oil paintings depicting wartime life. You can explore the chapel, almshouses, and beautiful gardens.
  • 4 Kingdoms Adventure Park & Family Farm (9 km): This adventure park offers a fun-filled family day with farm explorations, play areas, and interactive exhibits. Enjoy archery, falconry, and animal encounters, making it a great spot for kids and adults alike!
  • West Berkshire Museum (9.3 km): Discover West Berkshire's rich history and culture at this engaging museum. Explore exhibits on local industries, art, and archaeology. Enjoy temporary exhibitions and events, making it a fantastic place to learn about the region's heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Downton Abbey Tours

What can I see on the Downton Abbey tour?

On the Downton Abbey tour, you'll get to see the main hall, the dining room, the library, the bedrooms, and other key locations that were featured in the popular television series. You'll also have access to behind-the-scenes areas and learn interesting facts about the show's production.

How long is the Downton Abbey tour?

The Downton Abbey tour typically lasts around 10-11 hours, depending on the ticket you purchase.

Can I take photos on the Downton Abbey tour?

Photography is generally allowed on the Downton Abbey tour, but some areas may be off-limits for security or copyright reasons. Visitors are advised to check with the tour guide before taking any photographs.

Are there any age restrictions for the Downton Abbey tour?

There are no age restrictions for the Downton Abbey tour, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are there places to shop during the Downton Abbey tour?

Yes, during your tour, you will come across several gift shops where you can buy cute souvenirs.

Is transportation included in the tour?

Yes, transportation is typically included, with options for coach travel from major cities like London.

What should I wear for the tour?

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for walking and exploring. Dress in layers to adjust to varying weather conditions.

Can I stay overnight at Highclere Castle?

Overnight stays at Highclere Castle are not typically available, but there are nearby accommodations ranging from hotels to bed and breakfasts.